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Pest & Weed Control

Weeds, fungus, slugs and insects can cause damage to plants and wreak havoc in your garden. So why not reduce the nuisance with B&Q’s great range of pest and weed control products?

Make slugs and insects a thing of the past and keep your plants in good health with our wide selection of insect and slug control products including the Westland slug blocker as well as bug killing sprays, fly swats and ant bait. If the unwanted visitors in your garden are a little bigger, we also offer animal repellent products including mousetraps, rat killer, bird spikes and sonic solutions to keep cats and dogs away from your lawn and plants.

If weeds are your issue, we have you covered with essential fungus and weed control products. Stop weeds from damaging your plants and making your garden look untidy with our range of weed killers designed to suit your needs. Whether you want to kill weeds on contact, residually or systemically, we have the products for you. We also provide weed barriers and control sheets to slow the spread of weeds in your garden, easily installed using our fabric pegs and garden staples.

B&Q has everything you need to rid your garden of even the most persistent pests, all in one place.



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