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Whether you’ve a small patch of lawn or acres to mow our huge range of lawnmowers will help you find what you need. We stock brands including Bosch, Flymo, MacAllister and Mountfield.

If you’re after the traditional striped effect then one of our cylinder lawnmowers will probably suit you best. These work particularly well on even ground and frequently-cut grass. Possibly the most popular type is a Rotary mower. Rotary mowers can cope with all lengths of garden grass, even if you don’t mow that regularly. For smaller gardens an electric or cordless battery-powered Rotary mower offers both great performance and the convenience of emission-free running. If your lawn is larger the greater power and cable-free benefits of a petrol mower may appeal more.

Should you need something easy to manoeuvre around corners or under bushes then our electric Hover mowers are light and easy to use, especially on short grass. Finally we even offer a Ride-On Lawnmower. The Mountfield range offers the performance of a larger lawn tractor in a compact ride-on and is a must for any garden bigger than an acre. It comes with an optional pull-behind aerator and a spreader.

And with B&Q’s great range of lawn accessories, we can ensure you have all you need to keep your mower running smoothly. From spark plugs to blade sharpeners, petrol kits to spare parts, the only downside is that you’ll never have an excuse not to mow the lawn again.



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