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Growing Accessories & Equipment


Growing your own vegetables or flowers is easy and enjoyable as long as you’ve got the right kit. At B&Q we’ve put together a range of growing products to help you get started.

Compost is an easy to use and economical way to get seeds going. Use it indoors or in the garden for any seeds, plants and cuttings. To make life easier we stock a range of compost specifically designed for certain types of seeds or plants.

If you’re in need of advice, check out our collection of plant care books. We have picked out our favourite plants and given you the advice you need from the experts, to make the plants flourish.

Nothing helps seeds germinate like a propagator and at B&Q we’ve got a selection that you can use either indoors or outdoors. Once the seeds are established moving the seedlings and any cutting to small pots will give them the best chance to grow well. Pots can be reused time and again each year. And when the seedlings are strong, our range of planters and raised beds make the perfect environment for growing your flowers or vegetables to maturity. With these at your fingertips even a small plot can yield great results.

If your soil needs a boost then we have a great range of plant food, suitable for flowers or vegetables, to keep things looking healthy. We even stock a range of thermometers, rain gauges, PH and nutrient soil testers, perfect for the advanced gardener.For all you need to get growing, look no further than B&Q.



Looking for inspiration? Our interactive home and garden brochures are a great place to start.

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