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Every home needs shelving of various kinds in one room or another, usually in several. We must not forget the outbuildings either; sheds, garages and workshops need shelving if they are to be used to their full potential. Your nearest B&Q store has just about every kind of shelving you are ever likely to need. There you will find simple brackets to support your shelves. They come in many different designs all based on a simple angle bracket. One side fastens to the wall while the other bears the shelf. It is mostly the space inside the angle that provides scope for the designer’s artistry. You will also find wooden shelves pleasingly shaped at the outside edges complete with matching wooden supports.

We also carry a range of shelving units, designed to fit in convenient spaces such as corners. Glass shelving too, ideal for displaying prized ornaments in living rooms, are all to be found at B&Q. We have glass shelving for the bathroom too. For a contemporary look in your living room there are shelves with concealed supports. For those sheds and garages outside there is a range of choice in utility shelving. Flexi -shelving to fit on the walls and those units of various sizes that stand on the floor, but are best secured to the wall as well for complete stability. Of course most shelving involves suitable boards in wood or man-made board material. You will always find the boards you need at your B&Q store.


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