Give your bedroom a facelift

Update your bedroom and look at sliding wardrobe doors and storage. Fitted furniture helps maximise space, from beds to new wardrobes. Follow our helpful advice to show you how to assemble flat pack furniture or how to try out new decorating techniques.

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Making changes to your bedroom is a really fun task to take on. It's completely personal to you and is your own personal haven.

Colour plays an important part here as you want it to be fresh, bright colours than make the room feel airy but also warm hues to add a touch of comfort and romance. Additional things to think about with colour is how you can co ordinate with your other furnishings or finishing touches; you can mix and match or create stand out features.

Shelving plays an important part, too, along with sliding wardrobe doors for clean, sleek storage. Make a plan of what you want this room to achieve and then work through it; if you've got the fundamental things in place, creating the boudoir of your dreams is closer than you think.

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Buyer's guide to duvets and pillows

 Buyer's guide to duvets and pillows

We all feel better after a good night's sleep and choosing the right kind of duvets and pillows goes a long way to help you do that. Would you feel more comfortable with a natural or synthetic filling? Is there a particular kind of duvet that you can use all year round? What type of pillow is best for the way you sleep? Rest assured that we'll give you the answers.

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