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At B&Q we have everything you need to take care of your lawn. Learn how to create the right lawn, how to look after it, which products are best to use and when. Our extensive range of watering tools and lawn mowers will help you keep it looking fresh all year round.

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There are a number of tools you’ll find useful when looking after your lawn:


  • Lawnmower
  • Electric Trimmer
  • Edging Tool
  • Lawn Rake
  • Lawn Feed and Spreader (if spreader required)
  • Lawn Weed Control


  • Lawn sprinkler and hose pipe (during very warm/dry periods)
  • Scarifier (for very mossy lawns only)
  • Lawn Seed (for very damaged lawns)

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Lawnmowers buying guide

 Lawnmowers buying guide

The sheer variety of lawnmowers you can choose from can be bewildering. After all, you could go for anything from a lightweight hover mower right up to a tractor mower with as many gears as a family car. If you do pick the right model, it'll really help you keep your lawn in good shape.

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