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Refresh your hallway using our helpful guides. Showing you how to enhance the entrance to your home. Create a new staircase or revive an existing one. Open up your hallway with colours, wallpaper and even a feature wall.

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First impressions count - bringing your hallway to life

 First impressions count - bringing your hallway to life

When you open the door to your friends and family, you want to feel proud of your home. As they say, first impressions counts. If your stair carpet, skirting boards and floors have seen better days, then it’s time to give your hallway the facelift it needs.


The hallway is usually the first place you and your guests see as they walk in to your home. Therefore, you want to set the standard for the rest of your house. Keep it clean and tidy, easy to navigate through and let your personality show, but don't overwhelm any one at the first hurdle.

Flooring, like other rooms, is a key, however here you want to ensure that no one walks through with their dirty shoes. A cream carpet is probably not wise. Also, hard flooring might mean you could slip if you've got wet shoes. Therefore, it is important to find the balance. Rugs, floor runners and welcome mats can add value here or set up a 'mud-room' entrance with designated areas for your dirty shoes with umbrella racks and coat stands. If you get in to the habit of using these every time you come home, guests will follow suit and you can keep the area clean and tidy.

If your staircase is one of the first things people see upon entering your home, make sure your stair parts and spindles aren't broken and are painted properly. A quick lick of paint will bring these bang up to date. These can be done in the same paint as your doors, so you could do it the same time if you've already got the tin open.

Buyers Guide

Buyer's guide to timber and board

 Buyer's guide to timber and board

Broadly speaking, timber comes in three different types: construction timber, finishing timber and decorative timber. It's generally more expensive than man-made boards, which come in lots of varieties with a whole range of uses.

Always try to choose timber that's been certified by an independent organisation like the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) as this means the wood has been sourced sustainably. If there is any wood or paper in a B&Q product, we make sure it meets legal, social and environmental standards. Find out more about our Forest Friendly Promise.

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