Making your home safe and secure

Creating a plan for emergency your family will give you piece of mind. It is always worth educating loved ones on fire safety, as well as understanding when is the right time to contact emergency services. It's down to you to protect your home from fire and theft but we can help you feel safe and secure. At B&Q we can help you learn about fire safety and the risks of carbon monoxide, as well as understand how best to be secure in your home.

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Home as a safe retreat

Your home should be a safe retreat, somewhere to feel secure and happy. So do all you can to protect it, inside and out. We hope you never experience an intrusion of your home, but its worth taking the time to think about what you can do to safeguard it and how to deter theives.


Simple Security Solutions

 Simple Security Solutions

Much as we don’t like to think to about it, it's important to prepare for the unexpected and take precautions to keep our homes and families safe and secure.


Learn how to keep your home safe and secure

Educating all the members of your household about risks at home and how to prevent them is one if the most effective steps that you can take to protect yourselves. Installing products to improve security and alarms to raise awareness of risks such as fire is important, but maintaining these correctly and teaching your family how to use and respond to them is just as important.

Our guides are full off tips to help you make a safer home for your family. Testing fire alarm batteries is essential, but placing them in the right places is crucial. Learn more

Did you know that burglars tend to break in during the early to mid afternoon once they have already established that everyone is out? Learn more

At B&Q we have a wide range of products designed to improve your home security.

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Alarm and surveillance systems

 Alarm and surveillance systems

Today's alarm systems are really effective, easy to fit and easily adapted to suit your home. Intercoms and CCTV cameras give you other ways to prevent unwanted intruders.

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