Painting rooms the right way

Prepare your walls for paint and consider the type of paint for your room. Match your colour using paint matching Valspar and get the exact shade you need to transform your room. Do it properly and learn how to fill holes and cracks, and strip back old wallpaper. Prepare your surfaces, try your hand at simple interior paint techniques and use the right tools for the job.

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The perfect match - paint mixing

 The perfect match - paint mixing

Finding the right combination of colours to match your home and personal taste is essential, but it can often feel like looking for a needle in a haystack.


A fresh lick of paint will really transform a room; it helps make everything look bright and clean again. You can use colour to highlight and define areas, draw attention away from others or stamp your identity on it with effects and feature walls. What you do with it is really up to you; there are no rules when it comes to letting your personality loose.

Painting is one of the most rewarding jobs as you see the results unfold in front of your eyes - your room can come to life after one coat. (Although we really do recommend two or three!). Make sure your valuables are covered well and you've outlined tricky areas, such as switches and sockets, with frog tape for a clean finish.

Start in one corner and work your way around; if there's two of you, one can cut in corners whilst one does the main walls. We would highly recommend the use of good tools, such as quality paintbrushes. Opting for lesser quality materials and products could leave you with a painting job that you will need to do all over again.

Follow our guides and you'll have expertly finished walls in no time.

Buyers Guide

Buyer's guide to adhesives and sealants

 Buyer's guide to adhesives and sealants

There are lots of good general-purpose adhesives on the market, but for some materials you need something that's specially designed. Our guide will help you decide what is best for the job.

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