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Employee Benefit Agency – Reward Gateway


"All too often, the UK's most impressive retailers treat their B2B operations as if they were some Dickensian curiosity shop hidden away in the bowels of the organisation. Unloved, under-resourced in terms of financial and human capital and misunderstood. And yet, B2B represents the most exciting opportunity within retail and provides a counter to the ferocious competitive squeeze on B2C. The folks at B&Q have understood this secret for some time. They are dynamic, full of great ideas and realise that giving people a little more than they expect is a good way to get a lot more back.

In fact, with a nod to that old DIY advertising slogan, the B&Q team do more than it says on the tin. B&Q is a highly valued partner for Reward Gateway and our 1.2 million registered users not least because they recognise that customer service is an attitude, not a dusty old department."

Chief Operating Officer – Reward Gateway

Brand - Red Letter Days


Launch of Red Letter Days Lifestyle

Objective: We had a limited timeframe to launch our new B2B platform (Lifestyle) and needed some strong brands ready for the initial go live date to ensure we got by-in from key corporate customers from day one.

Solution: B&Q were able to offer marketing support and a ready fulfilment process that matched our needs.

Result: On launch B&Q were one of the core brands we were able to promote, and have been a key partner in the growth of Lifestyle.

Senior Product Manager – Red Letter Days

Motivational Agency – Grass Roots


B&Q have always supported Grass Roots in the many areas we require retailer support. Across our many programmes, which we operate for thousands of clients with an audience of many millions, B&Q have always embraced the B2B arena and everything it has to offer and we are pleased that our partnership has grown as a result. B&Q are always open to new initiates and are keen not to sit still but to keep evolving within the B2B space.

Head of Retailer Management – Grass Roots