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Aquas & Blues

Image of a living room painted aqua and blue

Cool, calm and collected

Cool blues and calming aquas will add a feeling of peace and tranquility to any room.

Try introducing straight lines or geometric patterns to help invigorate a space, conveying a sense of contemporary confidence.

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Image of bedroom painted grey

Embracing grey

Timeless, soothing and synonymous with style, greys work perfectly as a tonal combination or are striking as a feature on their own.

Black is confident and decisive, it can transform any space with a graphic style.

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Reds & Oranges

Image of bedroom painted red

Perfect partners

Energy and passion are ignited with oranges and reds, creating a sense of the heat of a hot Summer’s day at any time of the year.

These colours work perfectly as accents to add interest and sophistication to a muted colour scheme.

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Image of living room

Light and space

Timeless and versatile, they catch and reflect the light increasing the feeling of space and openness.

So if it’s classic or contemporary you’re after, these colours provide the perfect base and will stand the test of time.

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Neutrals & Browns

Image of a living room with neutral and brown colours

Contemporary cool

Neutrals are understated, subtle and refined. These shades make a superb backdrop for a sympathetic splash of colour or they co-ordinate with each other to create a comforting environment to unwind in.

The collection of Brown colours is inspired by the natural world and the earthy tones found in it.

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Purples & Pinks

Image of bathroom painted pink

Power play

From dusky tones to bright shades, playful pinks and opulent purples allow you to bring personality to your home.

Being bold with your use of stronger colours will help make a real statement in your home. Try breaking with stereotypes of certain colours for certain rooms for something truly breathtaking.

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Greens & Yellows

Image of an office painted green

Reconnect with nature and be daring

Green is the epitome of nature conveying freshness, vibrancy or serenity dependent on its hue. By using harmonious colours from the same tonal group you can create visually stimulating schemes with real impact.

Yellow It’s a colour to be bold with, don’t be afraid to choose brights and to use them to highlight doors or architectural features as well as walls.

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Glitter & Metallic

Image of bedroom with glitter paint

All that glitters isn't just gold

Inject a little personality into your home with these eye-catching glitters and on-trend metallics. Cleverly coordinated to work perfectly with the rest of the paints in the range.

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