6 Panel Pre-painted White Glazed Internal Door kit, For opening sizes (W)759-771mm (H)1988-1996mm (D)35mm

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Product Information

The Easy Fit door set is a door and frame, already cut and routered for hinges and latch, ensuring it is easy to fit with no joinery expertise or specialist tools. The hinges, latch and latch plate are included so all you need to do is fix it into the door opening and add a handle. You can replace your existing door quickly and easily, just measure your existing opening to determine which size you require.

  • Save time and money and avoid the expense of hiring a joiner
  • Pre-painted white - no further decoration required
  • Door, frame kit, hinges & latch plate supplied - handles not included

Features and Benefits

The Easy Fit door range is an interior door system so simple anyone can fit in minutes without being an expert, or the need of a joiner. Suitable for most standard sized door openings.

  • This door can be hung left or right handed so you choose which way it opens
  • For opening sizes of (W)759-771mm (H)1988-1996mm (D)35mm
  • To give you the flexibility to choose the style and finish you want, our doors are sold without handles
  • Easy lift off hinges to swap or remove doors easily
  • Includes door and frame kit, hinges, latch and latch plate - all you need are the handles
  • Made from responsibly sourced, Forest Friendly timber
  • This product is to be installed within an existing door frame, and is not suitable for new apertures

Health and Safety

Please note that this item has additional safety or regulatory datasheets available. The product may have possible health and safety hazards covered in these documents. Refer to the container for full information and always follow the instructions.

Technical Specifications

Glazed panel style6 Lite
Glass finishClear patterned
Timber approvalFSC® approved
Timber certificateTT-COC-003110
Comes withDoor, frame kit, hinges & latch plate supplied - handles not included
FittingThis door can be hung left or right handed so you choose which way it opens
Product code5397007203554


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1.5 / 5(2 reviews)

Not as easy to fit as 'easy fit' would suggest.

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DB7 - 3 years ago

The individual responsible for naming these doors may be a sadist.

I like that the recesses are pre cut to allow your hinges, etc, to be flush.

However, the crucial thing they neglect to suggest you check is that your opening is angled perfectly. If your door frame is not perfectly level, and angled at 90 degrees, you are still going to have to shave wood off to make it fit.

Also the build quality is hit and miss - one door is fine, one had dried paint splattered all over the glass, while the last looks like a child did the filling.

I have begged my wife to pay a joiner as the end result for the next doors will look far superior.

Nothing easy about this door

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Lolly pops - 3 years ago

Bought two of these doors, unpacked the first to find 2 hinge strips and no latch strip (should be one of each) on closer inspection of the door it was split all the way down the side...no worries these things happen! Unpacked the second door to find two hinge strips and no latch strip again, only this time one of the hinge strips and the cover piece were totally snapped in half! Both doors were scuffed and needless to say have been returned to store for a refund. It's also worth mentioning these doors will reduce the useable opening size by around 2 inches.