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9" Paint roller grid

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9" Paint roller grid
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Product details

Product information

9" (230mm) paint roller grid for removing excess paint on rollers.

  • Compatible with rollers up to 9"
  • Wash with warm soapy water
  • Statutory guarantee

Features and benefits

Remove excess paint straight back into the paint tub or scuttle with this 230mm roller grid. Using a roller grid reduces the need to decant paint multiple times. Decant large amounts of paint into a large scuttle or use directly out of the paint container to save time and mess.

  • Use with a 230mm roller frame and sleeve to make painting your home even easier
  • Provides you with a roll-off area, eliminating the need to use a paint tray
  • It features a comfortable hand-holder design


MaterialPolypropylene (PP)
Product length322mm
Product width260mm
Product code5059340016788