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AirTech-UK Plasterboard Access Panels All Size with Aluminium Frame Inspection Hatch Revision Door (KRAL-15 (600X600))
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AirTech-UK Plasterboard Access Panels All Size with Aluminium Frame Inspection Hatch Revision Door (KRAL-15 (600X600))

Sold & shipped by CRW (UK) Ltd

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Product details

Product information

    Introducing AirTech-UK Plasterboard Access Panels with Aluminium Frame – The Ultimate Solution for Seamless Access and Aesthetics!

    Upgrade your space with our innovative Waterproof Plasterboard Access Panels, featuring a sleek Aluminum Frame and a sturdy 12.5mm waterproof plasterboard. Designed to merge functionality with elegance, these access panels offer hassle-free access to inspection points while seamlessly blending into your surroundings.

    • Guarantee - 1 month

    Features and benefits

    • Waterproof Plasterboard- Aluminum framed access panels made of waterproof plasterboard with a thickness of 12.5mm. 
    • Push Lock and Push open for Easy Access -The product is equipped with minilatch spring clips, thanks to which the door leaf is opened and closed after it is pressed. This allows easy access to ceiling and wall inspection openings and cavities with gas, water and electricity meters or in-house fire plugs.
    • Application- The inspection flaps flaps provide for easy access to wall or ceiling inspection openings, as well as recesses containing gas/water/ electricity meters, hydrants, etc. They are available in various sizes so they can be installed in spaces where larger devices are located, e.g. hydraulic manifolds. It is forbidden to install ceramic tiles with these panels.
    • Hidden Panels- Recommended to paint the panel in a color corresponding to the color of the room in which the product is installed. 
    • Installation- Make a hole in 12.5 mm gypsum board of the size of the flap + 5mm. Place the flap in the hole and then level. Fix the inspection flap frame with screws. The number of screws used should be adapted to the size of the flap. Fill the gaps in the connection between the flap and the gypsum board and level out the surface in the area of screws with construction putty. After the putty has dried up, coat the surface with paint. NOTE: Model Sizes represents Cut-out Size / Opening Size. 


    Pack quantity1
    Product height600mm
    Product thickness12.5mm
    Product weight4500g
    Product width600mm
    Product code7071254480552