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AllPondSolutions 50000L Koi Pressurised Pond Filter Kit AUTO-PFC-50000-KIT

Sold & shipped by All Pet Solutions Ltd

AllPondSolutions 50000L Koi Pressurised Pond Filter Kit AUTO-PFC-50000-KIT
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Product details

Product information

Auto Clean PFC-50000 Pressurised Pond Filter Kit With AquaECO 12000 Low Wattage Pond Pump, 10m of 38mm Hosing & 3x Jubilee Clips For ponds up to 50,000 litres Please note: Our AUTO-PFC-50000 product is despatched on a 48 hour 2 day service due to the filter size. Our range of automatic PFC pressurised pond filters with built-in UV clarifiers are designed to be efficient self-cleaning units with the simple turn of a dial. Just like the manual PFC models, auto PFC filters are kept continually pressurised by your pond pump which will help you to maintain the best water quality for healthy pond fishkeeping. Pond filter cleaning with the auto PFC is easier than ever due to the motorised sponge cleaning system. Just turn the dial so that the blue arrow is pointing in the direction of the dirty water outlet; Listen for the ‘beep’ indicating the start of the cleaning process and at the sound of the second ‘beep’, your PFC pond filter unit and sponges will be clean. Not only will this reduce the need for any manual labour but there is no need to disassemble any part of the unit except when replacing foams or performing a full system clean. Each automatic cleaning PFC pond filter is equipped with a built-in UV light, which helps prevent algae growth and eliminates micro-organisms in the pond water which can lead to fish diseases. FiltrationWater passes through the AUTO-PFC-50000 in the following order1) Pond water flows into the AUTO-PFC-50000 via your pond pump2) Initial filtration begins by removing large particles through a mixture of coarse and fine filter foams (mechanical filtration)3) Water passes through tumbling K2 media reduces harmful ammonia and nitrite from the water with the help of good bacteria (biological filtration)4) Then the water passes across bio balls that harbour good bacteria across large surface area (biological filtration)5) Lastly the exiting water is exposed to a 55w UV steriliser capable of reduci...

  • Guarantee - 2 years

Features and benefits

  • Complete with Pump, Hose and Clips
  • Automatic cleaning system for easy maintenance - activated by simple turn of a dial.
  • Decorative Ponds: up to 50000 Litres
  • Ponds with a small mix of fish: up to 35000 Litres
  • Ponds with a small mix of koi: up to 28000 Litres
  • Maximum Pump Flow rate: 13000L/h
  • Power of UV-Clarifier: 55W Cable Length: 5m
  • 3 x stepped hosetails fits: 32, 38 & 50mm


BrandAll Pond Solutions
Product height815mm
Product width600mm
Life expectancy5 years
Product code5056035508962