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Aspire Pocket + 1000 Memory Hybrid Mattress - Double

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Aspire Pocket + 1000 Memory Hybrid Mattress - Double
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Product details

Product information

Aspire Pocket+ 1000 Memory Hybrid mattress, a quality pocket sprung mattress with a medium comfort rating. Double mattress vacuum packed, rolled and boxed.

  • Protects against symptoms of asthma and allergies
  • 5 years guarantee
  • Not water resistant
  • Clean with a soft dry cloth
  • Pocket sprung and memory foam hybrid mattress

Features and benefits

A high value, high quality mattress with a medium comfort rating which will suit most individuals. Pocket+ offers superior comfort and support when compared with standard pocket spring even after the mattress has been rolled. Rolling a mattress offers massive logistical savings but causes a loss of performance and a lack of edge-to-edge support with a standard pocket springs but not with Pocket+. We tested hundreds of bespoke springs until we settled on the perfect recipe. The mattress also features an eco foam support layer and a body contouring memory foam comfort layer for a luxurious sleep surface with healthy underlying support.

  • ENGINEERED TO OFFER SUPERB COMFORT AND SUPPORT – Our unique Pocket+ spring system delivers superior support from head to toe. We have tested hundreds of spring types until we arrived at the perfect number of springs, thickness of wire, number and angle of coils and method of bonding them together. Pocket+ adapts to the body providing support where you need it most easing pressure points for a comfortable sleep and a pain free wake. Crucially Pocket+ does not lose its characteristics after it has been rolled.
  • MEDIUM FEEL FOR COMFORT AND SUPPORT – Designed to be soft enough to be comfortable for most individuals but firm enough to provide good support. The enhanced base structure provided by Pocket+ is complemented with softer upper layers. The result is immediate comfort as soon as your body hits the mattress but the underlying support to ensure you sleep through the night protecting posture for a pain free wake.
  • INDIVIDUALLY NESTED FOR AN UNDISTURBED SLEEP – A traditional open coil spring means movement on one side of the mattress transfers to the other, so a restless partner means a restless night. Pocket springs are individually nested and prevent motion transfer, Pocket+ offers all the benefits of standard pocket springs and much more.
  • POCKET+ A NEW SPRING IS DAWNING - Until Pocket+ a rolled pocket mattress would either have poor edge support and structure or have an expensive foam encapsulated border, Pocket+ changes the game with true structure and edge support even after rolling without the expense and drawbacks of foam encapsulation. The enhanced structure of Pocket+ makes it suitable for back, front and side sleepers.
  • UNBEATABLE VALUE – Since the pandemic, the world has changed, material prices have gone through the roof and transport costs are at an all-time high. Pocket+ mattresses have been designed for the modern world. We have selected sustainable materials which have seen smaller price increases. Rolled and boxed mattresses remove over 80% of the transportation cost so they are good for your pocket and good for the environment. 
  • BEST OF BOTH WORLDS HYBRID CONSTRUCTION – Combining Pocket+ with the benefits of eco foam support and body moulding memory foam. Enjoy the comfort and bounce of a traditional pocket sprung mattress with the pain relieving and supportive qualities of foam. We use a relatively thin layer of high-density memory foam which provides relief but ensures you do not end up with huge dips in the mattress after time. The high density eco foam layer works in tandem with Pocket+ to offer support where you need it most.
  • ROLLED, VACUUM PACKED & BOXED - Pocket+ has been designed for use in rolled and vacuum-packed mattresses, this massively reduces logistics costs and environmental impact. The mattress will be delivered in a convenient, compact box ideal for access into tricky spaces. Once it is in the room simply pull the handy tab and the mattress will unroll and expand to its full size. The mattress will regain 90% of its depth in the first few hours but it may be around 48 hours for full recovery.


Bed sizeDouble
Depth (cm)23cm
Length (cm)190cm
Mattress firmnessMedium
Pack quantity1
Product weight29kg
Single/double-sided mattressSingle-sided
Thickness of mattress23cm
Width (cm)137cm
Product code5057632158604