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Bond It HT30 High Temperature Black Heat Resistant 300 Deg Silicone Sealant (Pack of 12)
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Bond It HT30 High Temperature Black Heat Resistant 300 Deg Silicone Sealant (Pack of 12)

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    Conquer blazing hot environments with Bond It HT30, the ultimate high-temperature black silicone sealant! This powerhouse formula delivers permanent heat resistance up to 250°C and withstands scorching peaks of 300°C for short bursts. Ideal for ovens, engines, fireplaces, and more, HT30 creates durable, weatherproof seals that stay flexible and crack-resistant. Its UV resistance protects against sun damage, while the mildew-fighting properties keep surfaces pristine. Available in sleek black, HT30 offers professional-grade performance with DIY ease. Don't settle for the heat, conquer it with Bond It HT30!

      Features and benefits

        Tired of melting sealants and cracked repairs? Tame the inferno with Bond It HT30, the high-temperature silicone that conquers the heat! Whether you're battling blazing ovens, searing engines, or scorching fireplaces, HT30 creates unwavering seals that stay strong and flexible. Its weatherproof shield repels sun and rain, while the mildew-busting formula keeps surfaces sparkling clean. Plus, the sleek black finish adds a touch of professional polish to any project. Stop sweating the heat, choose Bond It HT30 - the ultimate fireproof friend for your toughest sealing challenges!

        • Scorching Heatproof: Withstands 250°C permanently and 300°C for short periods, perfect for high-temperature applications.
        • Versatile Sealant: Bonds to various materials like glass, metal, ceramic, and more, making it ideal for diverse projects.
        • Durable & Weatherproof: Resists cracking, shrinking, and UV damage, ensuring long-lasting, flexible seals.
        • Mildew Resistant: Prevents unsightly mold growth, keeping surfaces clean and hygienic.
        • Easy Application: One-component, ready-to-use formula simplifies DIY projects.
        • Sleek Black Finish: Enhances the aesthetics of your project with a professional look.
        • Internal and external use
        • Pack of 12


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