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BWT Replacement Mineralizer Filter Cartridge

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Product Details

Product Information

Upgrade to our BWT magnesium mineralizer cartridge which gives all the benefits of our standard 5 stage cartridge but with the added benefit of adding the health giving properties of magnesium into your drinking water. Easy to replace cartridge, replace every 3-6 months dependant on local water hardness & quality

    Features and Benefits

    • Easy to install
    • WRAS approved product
    • This magnesium mineralizer cartridge uses natural minerals and keeps the mineral level of water in balance. The result is an almost neutral pH value that connoisseurs of water appreciate for its unique delicious taste and softness. Could be used on its own, as a mixer or as a flavour carrier in tea and coffee.
    • One of the great benefits of the magnesium is that it strengthens your immune defences. It’s important for your nervous system as it reduces stress and helps you get more restful sleep. Having a sufficient quantity of magnesium in your body also boosts your physical and mental performance.

    Technical Specifications

    Flow rate1l/min
    Height (mm)360mm
    Depth (mm)88mm
    Product code4250266700053