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colourcourage Kumquat arancio Matt Emulsion paint 2.5L

£8 per L
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Product Details

Product Information

  • Surface preparation:Before painting, the surface must be clean, dry and free from contamination. Fill surface defects with an appropriate filler, when dry sand down until smooth. Treat absorbent substrates with a sealer or primer, sand surfaces previously painted with gloss or silk paints with fine abrasive paper.
  • Durability:Excellent durability
  • Stir colourcourage emulsion before application and apply using a good quality short or medium pile roller, brush or paint sprayer. Depending on colour shade and surface properties a second coat may be required.

Features and Benefits

The colourcourage range of wall paints are based on the templates of the German designer and artist Lars Contzen. Contzen has travelled around the world in order to track down the perfect colours. He has captured the inspiration behind each colour in photographs and afterwards reproduces them with his own pastes and pigments, mixing them meticulously to achieve a unique hue to the paint. Each template is painted by hand and thus radiates the magic of the original colour. The chalky flat matt finish consists of high quality binders and pigments that ensure a robust finish with a unique depth and colour intensity.

  • Unique colours individually created by artist Lars Contzen
  • Chalky matt surface finish
  • Ideal for your interior walls, ceilings and wood work
  • Highly abrasion resistant and colour stable - Colours permanently keep their perfect 'freshly painted' look
  • Strong opacity, almost all colour shades look perfect after one coat
  • Non-drip formula for an easy, comfortable application
  • Water based, breathable and virtually odour free with minimal VOC
  • At B&Q we want you to be satisfied with your colour selection. Not all monitors will display colours the same and paint tins may not show the same colour as your walls in natural light. We therefore recommend you order a tester pot online or pop in to store to pick one up, so you can be sure that this is the right colour choice for you.
  • Can be used with a paint sprayer

Technical Specifications

Areas for useAny room
Litre capacity (L)2.5L
Colour groupOrange
Colour descriptionKumquat arancio
Surface finishMatt
CoverageUp to 12 m² per litre
Drying time2-4 hours
Touch dry time1-2 hours
Recoat time2-4 hours
Paint/Stain/Varnish baseWater based
Paint typePaint
VOC descriptionMinimal
Recommended forCeilings & walls
Product code4004014744819


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spend all weekend putting on multiple coats

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bored painter - 2 months ago

bought this Friday, to brighten up a wall in the bedroom, rather naively thought that being a premium paint it would be premium quality. The existing wall colour was standard magnolia from when we moved in, wall cleaned, holes filled etc. One coat....... nope, hardly made a dent, two coats...... nope still not right, three coats....... starting to get there, colour is vibrant, and really pops, but I suspect it will be four coats- stop press four coats hasn't done it- and five coats before it looks how it should. Just disappointing what I thought would be a relatively quick job, has turned into 2 days in the big brother house as I organise my life around putting another coat on.