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Dryzone 600ml Damp Proofing Cream x 10 + Dryzone DPC Application Gun

Sold & shipped by Safeguard Europe

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Dryzone 600ml Damp Proofing Cream x 10 + Dryzone DPC Application Gun
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Product information

Dryzone eliminates rising damp in masonry walls. The patented and BBA approved cream is simply injected into holes drilled along a horizontal mortar course. Once cured, the high-performance active ingredient will provide a dampness barrier, making that mortar course into a new damp-proof course.

    Features and benefits

    We launched Dryzone at Safeguard Europe in 2000 as a new alternative to traditional, messy damp treatment methods that used liquid injection. Since then we've sold over two million tubes, enough to successfully treat over 6.5 million metres of 9-inch wall. Dryzone has been used in high profile settings such as Lords Cricket Ground Pavillion and the Royal College of Music, London.Dryzone has been independently tested and approved by the BBA as well as multiple equivalent organisations internationally, making it the most rigorously tested damp proofing cream on the market. Is has been tested on a wide range of substrates and proven to work even in highly saturated walls (95% saturation). By using Dryzone to treat rising damp you can be sure that you only have to do the job once.

    • Genuine Dryzone, Tried and Trusted - The original patented damp course injection cream sold in more than 18 countries with more than two million tubes sold, enough to successfully treat over 500.000 Houses.
    • BBA & WTA Approved, Assured Performance - The world’s most rigorously tested rising damp treatment Dryzone was Accredited by multiple UK and International organisations to outperform similar dpc creams on the market
    • High Strength chemical damp proof course cream (up to 4x stronger than competing products). Due to it’s High-Strength formulation Dryzone performs even in highly saturated walls, up to 95%.
    • Easy, Fast, Clean and Effective Damp Proofing – Packed in 600ml for easy use, Dryzone is a versatile DPC cream that can be used for small DIY projects to large damp proofing jobs. No Waiting, No Spillage, No electric Pumps or specialist equipment required.
    • Effective damp treatment on a wide range of conditions and types of wall. High performance even in old mortar and masonry, cavity, rubble-infill and single leaf construction walls. Proven to work in situation where the wall is: Highly saturated, Cold or warm, Very porous, Of high or low alkalinity.


    Length (m)0.4m
    Pack quantity10
    Product thickness11000µm
    Gauge44000 gauge
    Product code5060132761441