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Duracell 4h Battery charger with 2x AA & 2x AAA batteries

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Duracell 4h Battery charger with 2x AA & 2x AAA batteries
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Product details

Product information

Duracell Hi-Speed Charger is your simple, safe and reliable solution to never missing out on anything that happens in your life.

  • This charger holds up to 4 batteries
  • Guarantee - 5 years
  • We recommend charging DURACELL NiMH rechargeable batteries only. Do not attempt to charge non-rechargeable batteries. Misuse could cause batteries to rupture, causing personal injury or damage. Indoor use only. Dry location use only. Risk of electric shock. Never disassemble or alter any part of the charger or batteries. Charger or batteries may become hot during charging and will cool down when charging is complete. Not recommended for use by children. Batteries contain various active ingredients which store electrochemical energy and can be dangerous if they contact your skin.
  • Advisory notice: Charge new batteries before using. This charger is capable of accepting 100-240 V AC, 50/60 Hz and, therefore, can be used overseas. Batteries will automatically stop charging when full charge is reached. Safety protections will prevent battery from overcharging. Especially designed for DURACELL NiMH rechargeable batteries for the following sizes: AA, AAA, 2 or 4 batteries at a time.

Features and benefits

This charger has a useful LED indicator light to show the status of each and every charge.

  • Ready in 4 hours (Approx. 90% of full charge, when using Duracell 1300 mAh AA NiMH batteries. Approx. 80% of full charge when using Duracell 750 mAh AAA NiMH batteries)
  • For AA and AAA batteries
  • Partial charge indicatior and auto shut-off
  • 9 safety features


Battery nameAA
CE markedCE marked
DisplayWithout display
Charge time4h
Power indicatorPower indicator
PortabilityNot portable
Power voltage supply240V
Product height67mm
Product width105mm
Product length231mm
StandardCE - European Conformance
Product code5000394118591