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Evo-Stik Serious Glue 33g Super Strong Adhesive (2 Packs)

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Evo-Stik Serious Glue 33g Super Strong Adhesive (2 Packs)
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2 Packs of Evo-Stik Serious Glue 33g. Quick drying - repositionable for 3 minutes; fully set in 2 hours; maximum strength within 24 hours. Serious Glue works on smooth and rough surfaces including wood and by-wood products, hard plastics (except polyethylene and polypropylene), soft plastics, leather, rubber, marble, stone, fabrics, ceramics, earthenware, glass, mirror, metal, tiles and much more. Dries clear. 33g tube. Non drip gel adhesive. Easy application - comes complete with a small job nozzle and a big job nozzle. MS Technology. A thin layer of glue will produce a transparent rigid bond. A thick layer of glue will fill small gaps and produce a flexible bond. Solvent free, odourless & safe to use. Resists impact, shocks and vibrations. Extreme temperature resistant (-30 degrees to +130 degrees centigrade). Effective on damp surfaces. Waterproof even in salt and chlorinated water. Washing machine and dishwasher proof. Paintable when dry; can be used on painted surfaces. UV resistant, non-yellowing formulation. Super strength glue with the power to stick almost anything to anything.

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Product weight110g
Product code0634041112875