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Fertiliser granules (W)1.5kg

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Product Details

Product Information

This fertiliser granules is suitable fertilising garden plants & vegetables.

  • Guarantee - 5 years
  • Apply by hand. Use of gloves is advised

Features and Benefits

Get healthy & beautiful plants while saving your time & money with one fertiliser for many plants

  • Effective & easy to apply
  • High quality fertilisers for an effective & convenient way to feed your plants
  • Keep away from children & use gloves. If the product is swallowed or in case of eye contact, rinse with plenty of water & contact your doctor

Technical Specifications

Weight (kg)1.5kg
Ingredients13.3%l nitrogen, 5.5% nitrate nitrogen, 7.8% ammonia, 6.1% phosphorus pentoxide, 4.0% phosphorus pentoxide, 17.1% potassium oxide, 4.5% magnesium oxide, 21.0% sulfur trioxide, 0.025% boron, 0.09% copper, 0.14% iron, 0.14% manganese, 0.02% molybdenum, 0.025% zinc
Product code5900498022995