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Hozelock Ecocel 5000 Pond Filter

Sold & shipped by Aquatix-2u

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Hozelock Ecocel 5000 Pond Filter
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Product details

Product information

Hozelock Ecocel 5000, a handy box filter system. Introducing a filter in your garden pond can bring added benefits to the fish and life living inside it. Suspended algae in pond water can cause unsightly and unhealthy water conditions and in order to provide a healthy eco system it is recommended that some sort of filtration system is included in the pond. The Ecocel is a basic box filter, concentrating on the filtration of the water as it passes through. While having a filter with a UV is a benefit, it may not be needed in some pond set ups. The Ecocel is ideal if you already have a UVC in your pond and need to replace or add an additional filter. Because the filter has no UV, it also gives you the chance to customisie your set up by placing your units in a position of your choice. You are not restricted by having the UVC attached in the box like most filter and UV boxes out there. The filtration stages in the Ecocel are simple and very effective. The pond water enters the top of the unit and passes through a spray attachment inside the box. This sprays the water over the filter foam, the first stage of filtration. Here the foam enables the water to soak through and traps solids. The now solid free water trickles down to the Bio media underneath where beneficial bacteria in the bio media work to cleanse the water of dangerous pollutants and producing clear and healthy water. This water then returns to the pond under gravity via the outlet on the side of the unit. The top of the unit has a convenient viewing hatch so the workings of the filter can be monitored for problems and maintenance. Specifications Model: EcoCel 5000 Max volume (mixed): 7500 litres / 1666 gallons Max volume (mainly koi): 5000 litres / 1111 gallons Max flow rate: 2250 lph Dimensions: L:300 x W:385 x H:405mm Hose: 20-25mm Outlet size: 1 x 40mm 2 year manufacturers guarantee.

  • Guarantee - 2 years

Features and benefits

  • Can be buried up to the outlet point
  • Filters the water through foam and biological media
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Can be used for ponds up to 5000 Litres
  • Can also be used in natural ponds. Carries Hozelock's 'Clearwater' guarantee when combined with correct Vorton UVC. Includes filter media


Product height280mm
Product width360mm
Life expectancyNew
Product code5010646036863