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Hultafors - Talmeter Marking Measure Tape 3m (Width 16mm)

Sold & shipped by CamdenTools

Hultafors - Talmeter Marking Measure Tape 3m (Width 16mm)
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The Hulfafors Talmeter is a unique marking and measuring tool. Hard-wearing steel tape, that is scaled in millimetres, with ABS plastic casing. Combined measuring and marking edges that quickly and easily measure and mark both external and internal lengths. The tape and extender can be replaced and are available as spare parts. The tape also measure diameters using the scale on the reverse of the tape and it also has a compass function which is useful when marking round shapes. The scale is always locked in normal position and the extender is easy to open out and retract with the easy-to-hold sliding carriage. USING THE MARKING MEASURE. With a marking measure, you do not need to convert the measurements you have taken into units of measurement. Instead, all there is to it, is to fit in the combined marking and measuring edges between the measurement points on the object being measured. The scale is automatically fixed at this length and with the help of the same measuring and marking edges, you can then etch the length on to the work-piece. You can do it once or several times and with unwavering precision. You do not even need to see properly in order to make exact measurements and markings. Hulfafors Talmeter Marking Measure Tape. Tape Length: 3 Metre. Tape Width: 16mm.

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Product weight152g
Tape measure classClass 3
Product code7392333592011