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Hoover Tumble dryers

Worry less about getting your clothes dry with one of our Hoover tumble dryers. Designed to be easy to use and take care of all your family’s drying needs. Each Hoover tumble dryer boasts a variety of different features such as a child safety lock to give you peace of mind when you are running a cycle. Another modern feature is the Wi-fi connectivity, you can control and monitor your appliance via an app remotely so you can sit and relax while it does the work for you. Narrow down your choice with different drying load capacities so you can pick a model to keep up with all your washes. Our Hoover Axi tumble dryers utilise sensor dry technology which detects when the load is dry to avoid unnecessary drying, saving you time and money. It gets even better – the total care function gives you the freedom to combine different fabric types in one load and avoids over drying and stressing your favourite clothes.

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