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Plumbsure Compression Pipe Converter (Dia)15mm

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Product Details

Product Information

  • Guarantee - 1 year
  • Ease of application - Intermediate

Features and Benefits

Brass has long been used as a plumbing solution for both domestic and industrial use. The material itself has many properties that make it a very effective plumbing solution.

  • Brass is highly durable making it ideal for plumbing works that require a resilient and long serving material. Does not easily crack or disintegrate
  • Brass plumbing fittings are best suited for hot water distribution as they can withstand high temperature. They have excellent conductivity which promotes the efficiency of hot water distribution within the house
  • Compared to other metal fittings, Brass has one of the highest resistances to corrosion. The fittings do not rust, and are perfect for those who live in areas that have water with corrosive properties

Technical Specifications

A size12.7 mm
B size15 mm
Fitting typeCompression
Pack quantity1
Diameter (mm)15 mm
Ease of applicationIntermediate
Product code03889664


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Copper/Lead 1/2" to 15mm 6lb

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Chris352 - 1 year ago

This isn't labelled all that well. I had to go in store to find what it was I needed and this was it. I've put the correct name in the title and added the pounds as it isn't even listed on the item package and needs to be really. 7lb's, for example is quite smaller. In either case it's a few quid cheaper at a competitors store.