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Polyplumb Pipe clip (Dia)22mm0

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Product Details

Product Information

  • Guarantee - 25 years
  • Fitting instructions - There is a hole in the centre of the clips for easy secure installation using screws, raw plugs (depends on the surface) and a screwdriver

Features and Benefits

PolyPlumb is suitable for use in most plumbing and heating installations including hot and cold water and underfloor heating applications. PolyPlumb fittings feature a one step jointing process and a high performance stainless steel grab ring within the fitting, ensuring superb joint integrity. Use with Polypipe grey polybutylene flexible pipe, or you can combine PolyPlumb fittings and copper pipe.

  • Time efficient, no nonsense one step joint process
  • High performance stainless steel grab ring ensures superb joint integrity
  • Demountable only by disassembling, reducing potential for tampering
  • The original Polypipe push-fit plumbing system used and relied on by customers throughout the world
  • Use with Polypipe grey polybutylene pipe systems or copper pipe

Technical Specifications

Colour descriptionGrey
Diameter (mm)22 mm
Pack quantity10
Product code5010924974740