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Ronseal Fence life Red cedar Matt Opaque Shed & fence treatment 12L

£0.92 per L
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Product Details

Product Information

You can apply this opaque shed and fence treatment from the Ronseal Fence life range to all rough sawn sheds and fences, using a brush, to colour and provide protection. It takes 1 hour to dry and will cover up to 6 m² per litre on average.

  • Colours and protects rough sawn sheds and fences
  • Protects rough sawn sheds and fences from rain, frost, snow and sun
  • For use on:All rough sawn sheds and fences

Features and Benefits

Ronseal one coat Fence Life gives colour and protection to all rough sawn sheds and fences in just one coat

  • Colours and protects rough sawn wood
  • 100% rainproof in 1 hour
  • Keeps its colour for up to 2 years
  • Protects wood from greying
  • Can be applied using a brush or sprayer

Health and Safety

Please note that this item has additional safety or regulatory datasheets available. The product may have possible health and safety hazards covered in these documents. Refer to the container for full information and always follow the instructions.

Technical Specifications

RangeFence life
Colour descriptionRed cedar
Surface finishMatt
CoverageUp to 6 m² per litre
Drying time1 hour
Recoat time4 hours
Paint/Stain/Varnish baseWater based
Touch dry time1 hour
VOC descriptionLow
Product code5010214888061


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2 / 5(1 reviews)

Hmmmm. Sort of ok maybe. Application not great.

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Celi - 6 months ago

I applied this with a Ronseal pressure sprayer onto an existing red cedar sprayed fence that I'd pressure washed to get rid of the dirt, lichen and moss, and which had taken some of the existing colour off. Part of the problem is the product and part is the sprayer.

The really scary bit is the colour when it goes on - it is an industrial orange - almost B&Q logo orange but it does calm down a bit when dried and is a darker red/brown. I only put on one coat and that was enough to give an overall color and cover up the fainter patches. It's not super even but it's quite a strong colour so I don't mind that. It's quickly absorbed and dried - but it was a very hot day. If you were trying to cover up another colour you'd need several coats. I reckon you're better doing several light coats than really trying to cover it as it runs. I managed to do three panels and a door both sides and have a bit left over on a 12L tub.

BUT it's really watery and runs and the spray sends it everywhere even if you follow the instructions on the sprayer about turning the wand to adjust the spray direction and using the wide/narrow spray. it wasn't a windy day but from it drifting over the top of the fence and through the gaps in the panels I ended up with a speckled bin, downpipe, garage wall and woodwork and the paving slaps and brick paving underneath. I had to get the pressure washer out again to do those to get rid of the paint and they're still looking very pink/orange in places and need to be redone. It wouldn't come off the rendered garage wall even with a pressure washer. The instructions on the website say apply with a brush which might be better but it would take hours. At least the pump sprayer was quick. I didn't think of using dustsheets in the garden to protect other things but it's an idea. Check you're not going to spray anything in your neighbour's garden if it's a boundary fence.

I'm considering getting a sage green colour to do the rest of the garden so it's not such a strong colour but I suspect I'll need enough for two coats and it's not so noticeable if I miss. It's way cheaper than buying Cuprinol so I guess you get what you pay for.