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Rustins Brick & Tile Paint - 1ltr

Rustins Brick & Tile Paint - 1ltr

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Product details

Product information

A quick drying high performance paint that bonds exceptionally well to brick and tile, producing a durable and weather resistant matt finish. Interior and exterior for a range of masonry applications such as walls, cement, stone, tiles and bricks.

  • Suitable for use on Brick, masonry & tile surfaces
  • Surface Preparation - The bricks should be free from dust and contaminants. Brush the bricks with a wire brush to remove any existing finish, which may be flaking and to remove any loose particles and mortar. Fill cracks and repair damaged pointing. If the brickwork shows signs of efflorescence (white crystals on the surface), it must be removed by brushing or scraping. A coat of Alkali-resisting Primer must then be applied and allowed to dry before applying Rustins Quick Dry Brick & Tile Paint. No primer is required if fresh mortar has been applied to the pointing and if painting new brickwork. If applying to existing painted brick test for compatibility as if not compatible it may flake off or dry to a glossy finish.
  • Guarantee - Statutory
  • Instructions for Use - Use a large brush and apply evenly. Apply paint liberally, making sure the surface is covered completely.

Features and benefits

A high quality acrylic matt red paint. For interior and exterior brickwork and tiles. Quick drying and pigmented with micronised red oxide to give good opacity and exterior durability. Sizes Available : 250ml/500ml/1tr/2.5ltr/5ltr

  • For bricks, tiles, walls, cement and stone
  • For bricks, tiles, walls, cement and stone
  • Bonds Exceptionally Well
  • Interior & Exterior
  • Durable & Weather Resistant
  • Water Based, Matt Red Finish

Legal Information

  • Keep out of reach of children. Avoid contact with skin and eyes. After contact with skin, wash immediately with plenty of soap and water or a proprietary skin cleanser.


Drying time30 min
Application methodBrush
Container typeTin
VOC levelMinimal
Recoat time4 hours
Minimum touch dry time0.5h
LocationInterior & exterior
Product code5015332001330