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Rustins Quick Dry Varnish - Teak 1ltr

Rustins Quick Dry Varnish - Teak 1ltr

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Product details

Product information

    Available in several attractive wood shades in satin finish.

    Touch dry in 20 minutes and re-coatable in 2 hours.

    Suitable for all interior woodwork.

    Clean brushes in water.

    • Instructions for Use - Stir well before use. Apply liberally across the grain using a synthetic fibre brush specially made for water?based finishes. Finish off by brushing lightly with the grain, taking care not to over-coat. The first coat may be thinned with up to 10% water in very warm conditions. If the first coat raises the grain, sand lightly with fine abrasive paper before applying a further coat. The varnish will be touch-dry in approximately 20 minutes, depending on temperature and humidity. Further coats should be appplied after a minimum of 2 hours.
    • Long lasting wood protection
    • Suitable for Wood
    • Guarantee - Statutory
    • Surface Preparation - Surfaces must be clean and previous coatings should be removed with Rustin’s Strypit Paint and Varnish Stripper. It is advisable to clean old surfaces with White Spirit to remove any wax or contamination, wipe away the solution formed with clean kitchen paper towels. Bare wood may be dyed with either Rustin’s Wood Dye before varnishing.

    Features and benefits

      Low odour, quick-drying, non-yellowing on ageing.

      Touch dry in 30 minutes.

      Long Lasting wood protection.

      For all types of interior wood nterior, bare woodwork, cork, hardboard.

      Can also be used as a sealer for concrete, brickwork and plaster.

      Conforms to Safety of Toys Regulations BS EN 71 Part 3 2019.

      Clean brushes in water.

      Made in the UK.

      • For Interior Use
      • Toy Safe & Food Safe
      • Toy Safe & Food Safe
      • Waterbased & quick drying, Satin Finish
      • Tough & Durable
      • For all types of interior wood

      Legal Information

      • Non-flammable. Flash point: Nil. General good practice advice: avoid contact with eyes, skin and clothing


      Container typeTin
      Application methodBrush or roller
      Recoat time2 hours
      Drying time20 min
      VOC levelMedium
      Product code5015332752232