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Rustins Shellac Sanding Sealer - 1ltr

Rustins Shellac Sanding Sealer - 1ltr

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Product details

Product information

Manufactured from Pure Shellac with a special additive included to facilitate sanding when dry. It is also used to seal wood before waxing and to seal wood dyes to prevent bleeding.

  • Guarantee - Statutory
  • Instructions for Use - Apply liberally with a soft brush or pad and allow to dry. Rub down lightly with glass paper before applying a second coat. When used as a finish rub with 00 or 000 steel wool and wax polish finishing with a soft cloth or yellow duster.
  • Surface Preparation - Wood should be clean and smooth. If grain is open, fill with Rustins Grain filler. Furniture that is to be renovated should be cleaned with white spirit and fine wire wool to ensure that it is free from grease and wax
  • Suitable for Wood
  • Seals wood

Features and benefits

Suitable for sealing all types of wood prior to French Polishing, before waxing or as a finish in its own right.

  • Pure Shellac
  • Ideal for turned wood & marquetry
  • Suitable for all types of wood
  • Seals wood dye to prevent bleeding
  • Seals wood before waxing

Legal Information

  • Highly Flammable. Harmful by inhalation, in contact with skin and if swallowed. Keep out of reach of children. Keep container tightly closed. Keep away from sources of ignition. Do not breathe vapour. Avoid contact with skin and eyes. In case of accident or if you feel unwell, seek medical advice immediately


VOC levelNo VOC level recorded
WashableWipe clean
Drying time1-2 h
Application methodCloth or sponge
Recoat time2 hours
Product code5015332470013