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T Connection Underwater Cable Connector

Sold & shipped by All Pet Solutions Ltd

T Connection Underwater Cable Connector
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CUJ-03 Length: 112mm T connection - connect one source to two devices. Cannot unscrew the joint without removing wiring (to separate the connector all wires need to be unscrewed). These fully submersible power cable joints are rated at IP68, this means; IP6* = 'No ingress of dust; complete protection against contact (dust tight)' IP*8 = 'Suitable for continuous immersion in water' SAFETY As with any kind of electrical modification we ALWAYS recommend that a certified electrician is used to install products such as these. We also suggest the use of an amp meter after installation to ensure installation has been completed correctly. Only use with power cable's that are 7.5mm standard power cable thickness (commonly known as 3 core power cable). It is recommended that you complete regular checks of all included O-Rings. INSTALLATION Unscrewing the ends of the connectors will reveal either in the body or attached to the body 3 connection points on either side. Connect plug side of cable to one side and equipment side of cable to the other. IMPORTANT Always follow the markings on the connection points as follows; L = Live cable (Brown) N = Neutral (Blue) Earth Symbol or blank - Earth (Green/Yellow) IMPORTANT Always make sure no matter what that the following is correct before proceeding: Live connects to Live Neutral connects to Neutral Earth connects to Earth Reassemble the connector joint. When reassembling each part MUST be tightened as tight as physically possible to ensure that the O-rings are tight to the power cable. ...

  • Guarantee - 2 years


BrandAll Pond Solutions
Product height1mm
Product width1mm
Life expectancy5 years
Product code5060414182421