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Verve Kitchen garden Tomato Seeds

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Product Details

Product Information

  • Comes with approximately 120-150 seeds per pack
  • Planting Season: March to April - Harvest between August to September
  • Ideal for sunny areas

Features and Benefits

These seeds produce a heavy crop and tasty variety tomato suitable for growing under glass or outdoors.

  • For best results soil cannot be allowed to get dry. Water well and evenly during dry weather
  • To plant, sow your tomato seeds indoors and put on surface of the compost. Cover 2mm of the compost and water lightly. Transplant when it's large enough to put into a 7.5cm pot. Plant into a ceramic 40cm pot when tomatoes are about 15-20cm tall
  • Cordon variety - one stem grown by pinching off side-shoots as they appear, needs staking and tying in.
  • Produces a large amount of fruit towards the end of it's season
  • Resistant to greenback
  • Feed your tomatoes with a general liquid feed until the first truss has formed, then alternate with a high potash feed

Technical Specifications

Colour descriptionRed
Eventual height & spread100 cm
Soil typeMoist compost
Product code3663602767794