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Westland John innes 1 Compost 10L

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Product details

Product information

  • Westland John Innes No.1 Young Plant Compost gives young plants the best start in life. Developed specially for the needs of all young plants to help them establish.
  • Composition - 44% Peat
  • Cuttings: 1.Cut & remove non-flowering 10cm shoot. Trim to leave top two pairs of leaves. Dip in rooting gel. 2.Insert firmly into compost, water and place in poly bag. In warm spot away from direct sunlight. Seedlings: 1.Fill pot with compost. Water and allow to drain. Make hole in compost. 2.Holding seedling gently by the leaves, transfer to the new pot. 3.Press compost firmly around the seedling. 4.Water the plant regularly and feed after 4 weeks. Place the pots in a warm, well ventilated location.

Features and benefits

Westland John Innes No.1 Young Plant Compost has added Zinc complex, a bio stimulant for healthy growth

  • Feeds for up to 4 weeks
  • Develops stronger roots
  • Zinc complex boosts plant health
  • No Green Waste


Product weight5.15kg
Litre capacity (L)10L
Peat content44%
Product code5023377007507