Feel Good Projects

Our new research study has shown the positive psychological benefits of doing home improvement tasks and proven what we have long championed at B&Q - that home improvement really can make you happy.

The research, which was commissioned by B&Q, asked 2,000 homeowners about the impact home improvements have on their overall happiness. It revealed that spending time feathering one’s nest directly results in emotional benefits of happiness (55%), relaxation (37%) and feelings of calm (31%).

The physical process of updating a home also results in increased home pride (71%), a greater sense of ownership (51%) and improved self-confidence (25%). A huge 87% of us are put in a better mood by doing even simple DIY tasks, and gardens in particular have been singled out as holding a wealth of happiness potential.

Outdoor project ideas

A staggering 86% of us feel an immediate positive mood boost after doing an outdoor project and 55% enjoy their space much more afterwards. Take a look at some of the top feel good projects you can do yourself.

Almost 75% of people said having a tidy garden makes them happy. Keeping your garden tidy is a year round job, but it's easy enough to do by making sure you have the right storage to keep your garden items organised and out of sight.

Indoor project ideas

Don't fancy stepping outside? Don't worry! There's plenty you can do indoors to feel happy too.

54% of people felt they could enjoy their home more after completing a décor project, and 21% said they felt more able to socialise in their space. Reap the positive benefits with our simple indoor project suggestions.