Why every kitchen should have a slow cooker

By Ellie Reeves | 18th November 2022 | 7 min read

Slowly does it: 6 slow cooker benefits

Not yet a member of the slow cooker club? We’ll soon change that. Slow cookers (also known as crockpots) can be a lifesaver in a busy household. This nifty kitchen appliance brings with it a whole host of benefits, it can help conserve energy in the home, saves cooking time, and promotes healthy cooking. Not to mention the delectable casseroles, stews, and curries. If you’re trying to convince someone else in the household to get on board, just show them this list of benefits. Trust us, they won’t be able to refuse.

So, why should you get a slow cooker for your kitchen? Carry on reading to find out.

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What is a slow cooker?

A slow cooker, also known as a crockpot, is a small countertop kitchen appliance. It cooks delicious meals by slowly simmering food at a low temperature. Slow cookers can be left unattended for hours, which means it can be turned on in the morning and left to cook by itself throughout the day.

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Benefit #1 – You could save money on your energy bill

Slow cookers have an extremely low wattage, making them one of the best energy-efficient kitchen appliances out there. An electric oven uses around 3,000 watts of energy per hour, whilst a slow cooker uses around 165 watts of energy per hour. So even if you were to leave your slow cooker simmering away for eight hours, it would still only use around 1,320 watts to cook a delicious meal. The exact number will depend on the make, model, and size of your appliance. To find out your oven or slow cooker wattage, check the product manual. If you choose to cook with a slow cooker instead of an oven, your energy bill is likely to decrease significantly, saving you a sizeable chunk of money!

Benefit #2 – They’re great for a busy lifestyle

Do you come home from a busy day at work feeling exhausted? All you want to do is chill on the sofa and watch TV, right? The last thing you want to do is spend your evening prepping veg and slaving over a hot stove. A slow cooker is just what you need. With this handy kitchen appliance, you can throw all the ingredients in before you leave for work and leave it to do its thing whilst you’re out. Then when you come home after a long day, your dinner will be ready waiting for you. Plus, cooking in a single pot means you won’t have a pile of washing up to tackle either.

slow cooker tender meatslow cooker tender meatslow cooker tender meatslow cooker tender meat

Benefit #3 – Cook deliciously rich and tender dishes

Slow cooker meals are ridiculously rich in taste, as the flavours from all the ingredients have hours to absorb and combine. Another fantastic benefit of a crock pot is that you can use cheaper tough cuts of meat. It will soften the connective tissue without toughening the muscle, leaving you with a tender mouth-watering dish every time.

Benefit #4 – A slow cooker is easy to use

Not a particularly confident cook? If you’re a beginner in the kitchen, then a slow cooker is the ideal cooking appliance for you. Most slow cooker recipes will require you to simply add all the ingredients, give the pot a stir, close the lid and leave it to stew until it’s ready to serve. There are hundreds of delicious recipe ideas out there for you to try, and over time you can build your confidence and try slightly more technical recipes. Due to the low cooking temperature, it’s practically impossible to burn your food!

crock potcrock potcrock potcrock pot

Benefit #5 – They can promote healthy cooking

If you’re looking for a way to include more vegetables and nutrients in your diet, then this appliance is just what you need. Meals that are cooked gradually in a slow cooker tend to retain more vitamins than if you were to boil, fry or bake your food. So, by slowly cooking your food you’ll get the full benefit. The beauty of a slow cooker is that you can throw in loads of different vegetables, and they’ll be absorbed by the sauce and take on a delicious meaty flavour. Ideal if you’re a bit of a fussy eater!

Benefit #6 – Use a slow cooker to batch cook your meals for the week

Tired of eating the same boring sandwich at lunch time? Use a large slow cooker to prepare tasty lunches and dinners for the week ahead. Slow cooker meals can be reheated easily. If you’re going to eat your dish within a few days of cooking, you can just pop them in separate food storage containers and keep in the fridge. If you want to keep them longer than that, most dishes can be safely frozen and reheated months after. Make sure you check the cooking and defrosting instructions on your chosen recipe.

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Now that you’re in the market for a new slow cooker, have a scroll through some of our favourites. Whether you’re looking for a family sized slow cooker or a small slow cooker that will whip up a meal just for two – find the best slow cooker for your needs.