How to celebrate bonfire night at home

How to host Guy Fawkes night in your garden

Bonfire Night truly kicks off the late autumn as we move towards colder and darker evenings. Perhaps there isn’t a local bonfire near you, your little ones hate loud fireworks, or you’d like to host a more intimate get-together with your nearest and dearest, whatever the reason, if you want to host the festivities at home, here’s our guide to celebrating Bonfire Night in your garden.

From having comfy outdoor seating for everyone to sit around to garden heating to keep everyone warm, we’ve got you covered.

Ways to celebrate bonfire night at home

Despite the name, there are several activities you can do at home in your garden to mark the occasion of November 5th without having an actual bonfire. Here are some ways to celebrate Guy Fawkes Night at home:

  • A Winter BBQ - yes, it may sound a little crazy but it’s really no different to eating a burger from a van at a local Bonfire, right? Enjoying some warm, delicious food is a great way to get family and friends together no matter the time of year.
  • Apple bobbing - a classic game associated with Bonfire Night is apple bobbing, all you need is a bucket or large bowl filled with water, add some apples and let the kids (and adults) get stuck in!
  • A mini-bonfire - most gardens are not large enough for a full-scale bonfire (and it can be dangerous too), but with our range of fire pits, you can easily create a smaller version at home.
  • Sparklers or glow sticks - sparklers are a great way to get involved in the traditions of Bonfire Night without the excessive noise, be sure to always read the instructions carefully and watch children closely whilst handling them. If you have very little ones, glow sticks are a great safe alternative whilst they can still enjoy the fun.
  • Marshmallow toasting - going hand-in-hand with a mini-bonfire or fire pit, is marshmallow toasting. Simply, hover the marshmallows safely over the flame with a skewer and enjoy the gooey sugar in your mouth!
bonfire night at homebonfire night at homebonfire night at homebonfire night at home

The benefits of hosting bonfire night at home

  • Cost-effective - the cost of travel and entry to an official Bonfire, as well as food and drinks whilst there can soon add up. By doing your own festivities this can be a lot cheaper - and you don’t have to go anywhere!
  • Catering for the elderly and babies/young children - many people of all age groups do not enjoy loud noises or busy crowds, by hosting your own celebrations everything can be much quieter and calmer, allowing everyone to enjoy themselves.
  • Pet/animal-friendly celebrations - by minimising noise your animals and other wildlife will thank you. You can also keep an eye on them as you’ll be home with them, providing a source of comfort for your four-legged friends who get frightened by the fireworks.
  • You get to use your garden - after spending all spring and summer maintaining and looking after our gardens, we don’t want to neglect them in the colder months. By adding garden heating you can enjoy your outdoor space all year round, making this the perfect spot to host Guy Fawkes night from the comfort of your own home! 
bonfire night at homebonfire night at homebonfire night at homebonfire night at home

No matter how you choose to celebrate November 5th, protecting wildlife, animals and plants (and yourselves) is always of uppermost importance. We recommend only attending officially licensed events if you wish to enjoy a fireworks display and for those who don’t, follow the above tips for a great Bonfire Night at home!