Our top 6 bedding plants delivered straight to your front door

What better way to welcome in the summer to your space than with bright, beautiful bedding plants? From gorgeous Geraniums to charming cosmos, our range of plants are carefully grown in nurseries by experts and chosen for their exceptional quality.

We’ve selected our favourites to help you bring an instant splash of mood-boosting colour to your garden. And now we’ll deliver a selection of our range right to your front door.

Summer bedding plants at B&Q


These long-time favourites are perfect in every space, whether they’re in a hanging basket or nestled in your bedding. Geraniums are easy to care for and emit an alluring scent that’ll keep you coming back.

Where to plant them: Sunny, sheltered areas.

How to care for them: Thoroughly water them, then allow the soil to dry before you water again and fertilise every 2 weeks whilst flowering.

What to pair them with: Pair them with roses, corn, or grapes.

Geraniums at B&Q


With their glorious petals spilling out into the shining sun, Begonias will stand out in any space. They work especially well in hanging baskets, so they’re perfect for brightening up your balcony.

Where to plant them: Partial shade or full sun.

How to care for them: Keep the soil moist, and if in containers feed them every week.

What to pair them with: The striking colour of Begonias looks even more stunning when paired with a fern, which complements with a deep green.

Begonias B&Q


Carnation is a traditional bedding plant famous for its ruffled petals and sweet peppery perfume. Dense clusters of flowers are produced on sturdy well-branched stems in a superb mix of complementary colours. It’s also prized as a cut flower to bring indoors.

Where to plant them: Sunny areas.

How to care for them: Water the plants when dry and apply fertiliser every six to eight weeks.

What to pair them with: To deter Carnation flies, which lay their eggs on the leaves, plant them with garlic.

Dianthus carnation bedding plants online


Here to brighten your borders with a spectrum of pastel tones, Petunias will give you a sweeping blush of calming colour. Most loved for their long flowering season, they’ll be giving you summer vibes until the first frost.

Where to plant them: Sunny areas.

How to care for them: Regularly fertilise with a balanced, water soluble fertilizer designed for blooming plants.

What to pair them with: Sometimes known as natures pesticide, Petunias will repel a number of garden pests, so they’re a great companion for vegetables like broccoli, cabbage, Brussel sprouts and cauliflower.

Petunias bedding plants online

Bizzie Lizzie 

These cheerful, vibrant flowers are like sunshine in a plant. Bizzie Lizzies live up to their name, blooming most of the year from late Spring to early autumn.

Where to plant them: Partial or full shade.

How to care for them: Use water soluble fertiliser on your Bizzie Lizzies every two weeks.

What to pair them with: Bizzie Lizzies have fleshy stems that store water so they can keep the soil moist and cool and means they’re great companions. We love how they look with Rhododendrons or Hydrangeas.

Bizzie lizzies bedding plants online


With large saucer-shaped flowers bobbing prettily on slender wiry stems, Cosmos are a great source of nectar for pollinators. The wispy fern-like foliage adds texture to bedding and make fantastic cut flowers for a vase indoors.

Where to plant them: A sunny, open spot.

How to care for them: Water your cosmos regularly, but make sure you don’t over-water them.

What to pair them with: Cosmos can be used to draw aphids away from other plants, so they’re great for placing with your precious Roses, and they’ll take the brunt of the attack.

Bizzie lizzie bedding plants online