Pink bedroom ideas: 9 ways to use this sumptuously soft shade

By Laura Hill | 15th August 2022 | 8 min read

It's time to create your peaceful pink sanctuary 

Want to bring some playful cheer to your bedroom? Pink is the perfect colour for doing just that. Choose from dusty tones to bright shades, lively pinks, and deep crimsons. From emulsion paint to rosy accessories - there are plenty of ways you can incorporate this cheerful shade in your bedroom décor scheme. Pink isn’t just reserved for young girls and teenagers’ bedrooms – anyone can use this charming colour in their home. Carry on reading for pink bedroom inspiration to inspire your next makeover.

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1. Upcycle your tired furniture
2. Dreamy wall murals
3. Pink colour blocking ideas
4. Colour drenching pinks
5. Chic pink wall panelling
6. Dive into deep berry pinks
7. Complement with green accents
8. Add shimmer with metallic wallpaper
9. It's all in the pink accessories

pink bedroom ideaspink bedroom ideaspink bedroom ideaspink bedroom ideas
pink bedroom ideas

Colour matchmakers – finding the perfect pink

No matter what shade of pink you’ve got your heart set on – you can get the exact colour mixed at B&Q. Whether you’re inspired by your favourite cerise jacket, or the shade of salmon on your lampshade – get any shade your heart desires mixed at your local B&Q store. Simply bring your sample into a store, place it under the scanner at the colour mixing desk and one of our store colleagues will create a bespoke colour just for you.

1. Upcycle your tired furniture

One of the easiest ways to incorporate pink into your bedroom is by adding perfect pink hues with your bedroom furniture. Of course, you could opt for pre-painted pink furniture, such as our playful Azzurro matt pink bedside tables, but why not add a touch of fun by upcycling your old furniture?

We recommend opting for a neutral light blush pink shade on the walls, then upcycling your bedside tables and chest of drawers in a warm dark blush pink hue. The lighter walls will give the appearance of an airy open space, whilst the contrasting darker tones will add a sense of depth and texture to the room.

upcycling furniture ideasupcycling furniture ideasupcycling furniture ideasupcycling furniture ideas

How to upcycle furniture

Unsure where to start when it comes to upcycling your old furniture? Don’t forget to sand your furniture down before applying your new shade of paint. You’ll need sandpaper, a paint brush, a dustsheet, and a screwdriver. Find out more about how to upcycle furniture by reading our upcycling guide

2. Dreamy wall murals

Drift off into a dreamy daze by adding a stunning pink wall mural to your bedroom. The soft pink designs of cloud murals create a seriously serene bedroom space that will have you feeling zen as soon as you enter the room. If you’re looking for something a little more boho-chic, we love the laidback vibe of our pink and green botanical mural.

Not only are murals a cost-effective way to add serenity to your bedroom, but they’re also easy to install. Simply paste the mural onto the wall in the same way that you would wallpaper. Check out our guide on how to hang wallpaper to become a pasting pro.

pink mural ideaspink mural ideaspink mural ideaspink mural ideas

3. Pink colour blocking ideas

Add depth to your space by playing around with colour blocking paint ideas. The opportunities are endless when it comes to colour blocking – think painting half a feature wall, contrasting with two tones of pink, or making your ceiling pop with a dash of pastel pink.

Our favourite colour blocking idea right now is ceiling colour blocking. Paint all four walls in a cool pastel pink, such as Dulux Pretty Pink, leaving a 30cm gap around the top with masking tape. Painting the gap and ceiling in a bright white will add a popping contrast whilst opening the ceiling space up, giving the illusion of more open space.

pink colour blocking ideas

Need more colour blocking ideas? Check out our guide on how to paint a wall two colours.

4. Colour drenching pinks

The brilliantly bold colour drenching trend has taken the world by storm this year. By creating a unity of one colour within your room, you’ll be left with an aesthetically uncluttered space that feels tranquil and calm. Plus, colour drenching is both easy and cost-effective to do. Find out more about colour drenching by reading more about the latest paint trends.

Pink is a perfect choice for colour drenching as it uses warm, inviting tones that’ll make your space effortlessly cosy. To colour drench your room, you’ll need to use various tones and shades of one colour around the room. Think pastel pink wall paint, playful pink cushions, a deep pink occasional chair, and matching pink home accessories. Top tip: paint your ceiling pink for complete colour-drenches bliss.

pink colour drenching ideaspink colour drenching ideaspink colour drenching ideaspink colour drenching ideas

Leave your guests blushing with these pink bedroom ideas

5. Chic pink wall panelling

Nothing looks more sophisticated than a bedroom complete with wall panelling. Wall panelling adds a chic timeless vibe to your space whilst still offering a contemporary, high-end look. With the right tools and materials, wall panelling is easy to do at home. Check out our guide on how to transform your space with wall panelling – and don’t forget to paint it pink!

Alternatively, if you’re looking for an ultra-speedy way to create wall panelling in your bedroom, opt for panelled wallpaper. Panel effect wallpaper is a quick and cost-effective option that has results that look as good as the real thing. We’re loving the look of this Superfresco Easy Blush Panel Wallpaper paired with classic cream bedroom accessories

pink wall panelling ideaspink wall panelling ideaspink wall panelling ideaspink wall panelling ideas

6. Dive into deep berry pinks

It’s not just about pastel pinks this season. Deep pink shades such as crimson and cherry pink are a timelessly popular choice if you’re looking to achieve a classy, refined aesthetic in your bedroom. Our favourite shades for this season are Farrow & Ball Rectory Red and Dulux Berry Smoothie.

Top tip: using darker colours in your bedroom can make it feel smaller if it overpowers the space. We recommend painting a feature wall in a darker crimson colour whilst leaving other walls in a lighter shade to create the appearance of light and space. You can then add deep pink accessories to complement your polished bedroom aesthetic. 

dark pink paintdark pink paintdark pink paintdark pink paint

7. Complement with green furniture accents

If you’re wondering which colours go best with pink – we’ve got you covered. Our experts have revealed that one of the best shades to complement pink is a sumptuous sage green. We’re loving the cool aesthetic of this pale pink paint paired with stylish sage green accessories.

It’s all in the fine details when it comes to interior styling. Be sure to consider soft furnishings and bedroom accessories to finish off the look of your space. Our favourite sage green accessories to complement your perfectly pink room are this GoodHome Hiva Plain Green Cushion, Geo Double Duvet Cover Set, and a plush green occasional chair.

green and pink paint ideasgreen and pink paint ideasgreen and pink paint ideasgreen and pink paint ideas

8. Add some shimmer with metallic pink wallpaper

Add a little bit of magic with metallic pink wallpaper. Metallic effect wallpapers are a must-have when it comes to creating an ultra-contemporary, luxury look in your bedroom. You heard it here first – this Arthouse metallic pink and silver dotty wallpaper is trending now.

Whether you’re looking for wallpaper with pearlescent pink patterns, glittering gold accents, or sparkling silver highlights, we’ve got the right wallpaper for you. Ready to get started on your shimmering sanctuary? Shop our full range of metallic wallpapers.

pink wallpaper ideaspink wallpaper ideaspink wallpaper ideaspink wallpaper ideas

9. It's all in the pink accessories

If you’re looking to add some colour to your room but don’t want a complete switch up, opt for pretty pink accessories. Adding a pop of colour will give your space some much-needed character – pops of pink are perfect for showing off some vibrant personality!

We’ve got a range of pink bedroom accessories to suit your individual style. Whether that’s a vibrant pink bedroom chair, a subtle pastel pink lampshade, or a blooming pink artificial plant. Check out our full range of home accessories to find the right finishing touches for your perfectly pink space.

pink home accessoriespink home accessoriespink home accessoriespink home accessories

Let's get started

Whether you’re looking to transform your space into a rosy retreat, or just add a few perfect pink accessories to complement your existing colour scheme, we’ve got all you need to get started. Shop pink paint and home accessories to start your bedroom makeover today.