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How to choose mix & match curtain poles

Pick the right curtain poles, brackets and accessories

Whether your home has bay windows, recessed windows or surface-mounted windows – we have the appropriate brackets, as well as the information you need to successfully dress every window.

Read on for expert advice as well as a step-by-step guide to using our mix and match curtain pole range. If you’re still at the stage of picking your curtains, voiles or blinds - read our guide to choosing curtains and blinds.

Pick the right curtain poles, brackets and accessories

Perfect for non DIYers or renters – simply fit Ikaria to any window frame and hang your curtain. There’s no need for drilling and no wall damage. Ikaria is part of our mix & match range - choose your brackets, poles and finish the look with finials.

Introducing our new Ikaria "no drill solution"...

Step 1: Choose your specific brackets

Step 2: Measure your window and choose your extendable pole

Step 3: Finish the look

Browse our Ikaria specific finials to complete the look. It’s as simple as that!