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The relaxing bathroom

Bathroom bliss with your own slice of heaven

A bathroom should be a place to relax and rest after a long day, and by bringing a calming mood to your bathroom with stone and natural materials you can create a peaceful sanctuary to unwind in.

Bathroom size: 8.5m2



Walk-in shower

A new walk-in shower features Beloya soft-close sliding doors. The combination of the metallic effect mosaic floor and wall tiles and rectangular rainfall shower create a feeling of indulgence and luxury.

Statement bath

A double-ended bath feels sumptuous to sink into and is roomy enough to share. Once you’re done, grab a warm towel from the heated towel rail nearby and wrap up.


Storage wall

The whole of one wall is fitted with Adriska and Imandra units to make a spacious storage unit. Keeping any clutter out of sight and out of mind helps the room feel calm and spacious.

Practical luxury

While glamorous, functionality is at the heart of this bathroom, with easy to clean shower panels and removable shelves in the furniture to help make the whole room easy to clean. Add our beautiful Adriska illuminated mirror to complement the furniture and give that extra feeling of light and luxury.

The combination of white, metallic grey and a splash of green has helped create a lighter spa feel. The duo bath is perfect for a couple’s bathroom, and as there’s a lot of room, it fits nicely in the centre as a visual feature. Combining our Adriska and Imandra units helps turn one wall of the room into a single storage unit and keeps the surfaces clutter-free.


  • Bigger is better: when it comes to really luxurious relaxation, pick the deepest, roomiest bath that you can fit in your space

  • Add drama: whether it’s a painting, a plant, a sculpture or an oversized mirror, introducing a surprising focal point can help tie your room together and make it distinctive
  • Come to your senses: add a relaxing essential oil diffuser to your bathroom so that it smells just as relaxing as it looks
  • Keep it natural: natural materials such as bamboo can enhance your wellbeing and give a calm, spa-like vibe, while being well-suited to the bathroom environment.