Get the look: Carisbrooke Ivory Framed

Find inspiration with our Carisbrooke Ivory room set. Neutral colours combined with ceramic accessories, wooden furniture and charming details.

Our Carisbrooke Ivory Framed kitchen is created with storage in mind. From built-in wine racks and open shelved crockery holders, this beautiful design has a wide choice of storage options for busy family life.

Whether you like every aspect of this room set, or just one accessory has jumped out at you - we want to make it easier for you to recreate what you see.

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Carisbrooke Ivory kitchen

Carisbrooke Ivory kitchen

Complete the look of your kitchen by using accessories and finishing touches. You could place plants on a small wooden ladder to make an attractive feature.

Use ornaments, lighting and plants to leave your personal stamp on the room. This kitchen's vintage finish is welcoming and family-orientated. With a built-in wine rack and open shelving, this space is all about showcasing beauty and making things easy to find.

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