Eco-Learning Store: B&Q Merthyr Tydfil

B&Q’s first eco-learning store opened in Merthyr Tydfil in 2014 featuring a range of new sustainable initiatives

B&Q Merthyr was the first retail store in the UK to install an innovative ‘Transpired Solar Collector’ system which provides renewable heat, significantly reducing the heating energy consumed and carbon footprint of the store.


Other key design features include:

  • LED lighting both internally and externally
  • Ecologically diverse plant rich green roof to enhance biodiversity
  • Grasscrete in place of tarmac on certain parts of the car park allowing water to soak away and grass to grow
  • 100% sustainable timber use in construction and equipment
  • 23% reduction in embodied carbon relative to industry bench mark standards for similar retail developments
  • 50% water consumption provided by rainwater harvesting system
  • Locally procured materials to reduce transport carbon emissions and benefit the local economy
  • 90% of construction waste diverted from landfill

The building achieved a BREEAM rating of “outstanding” and a band A Energy Performance Certificate Rating.

At the Property Awards in 2015, B&Q Merthyr was recognised for Sustainability Achievement.