The nature of gardens

B&Q have worked with Bioregional to present the new 'Nature of gardens' report exploring how wildlife in the UK benefits from our gardens

The nature of gardens

B&Q has commissioned the sustainability charity Bioregional to explore how wildlife in the UK benefits from our gardens – and how we all benefit from supporting nature close to home.

This has led to our new report which examines why gardens are good for us and how they can help us to become better stewards of our finite planet. It draws on new quantitative and qualitative consumer research commissioned by B&Q, the UK’s leading garden centre retailer. This examined people’s attitudes towards supporting and engaging with wildlife and the environment, seen through the lens of their gardening, with a focus on what prevented them doing more.

We want to help everyone to do a bit more to support nature right outside their homes, and to enjoy it more too. That’s the aim of our new top ten tips. It’s easy and affordable and you don’t even need a garden – you can green up a balcony or a doorstep.

At B&Q, we’ve been helping people to support wildlife in their gardens for years, through advice and products ranging from pollinator-friendly flowers to pond liners. But until we commissioned this report we didn’t realise quite how important our gardens could be for nature. And while we’ve always known that people loved connecting with nature in their gardens, we’re delighted to find so much evidence that garden wildlife and greenery is good for children and grown-ups in so many different ways.

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