7 ways we can manage water in our homes and gardens

Tips to help you use less water and conserve water.

Using water wisely is becoming a way to save money as more of us now have water meters.


1. Install a water butt to store rainwater to use in the garden

Using rainwater in your garden is a great way to use less tap water. Use a stand so that you can fit a watering can easily under the tap. A water butt pump will enable you to use the water for cleaning bikes, cars and patios.

Acid loving plants may prefer the rainwater from your water butt than tap water if you live in a hard water area.

Keep the lid on your water butt to prevent insects getting in.

Efficient Shower

2. Choose efficient toilets and showers

All of B&Q’s toilets are water efficient. Opt for the short flush to save water.

Eco shower heads aerate the water as it flows, reducing the amount of water needed for a powerful shower.

Dripping Tap

3. Sort leaks out

Dripping taps can waste a surprising amount of water – and if it is a hot tap, that will be adding to your energy bills. How to fix a dripping tap

Get leaks fixed as soon as possible as the water may be damaging your property.

Sort out faulty valves and siphons in toilets.

Full LoadFull LoadFull LoadFull Load

4. Only run the washing machine and dishwasher with a full load

Half load settings often use more than half the amount of energy and water that would be in a full load.

Running these appliances less often will also help to keep electricity bills lower.

Sofia SetSofia SetSofia SetSofia Set

5. Opt for surfaces that rainwater can flow through

Think about rainwater when you are planning your garden. Choosing surfaces such as lawn and gravel in your garden will help to prevent flooding.

Landscaping fabric helps to keep weeds at bay – and using gravel support mats means you can still use a gravelled area for parking.

Garden Lawnmower RotaryGarden Lawnmower RotaryGarden Lawnmower RotaryGarden Lawnmower Rotary

6. Don’t cut your grass too short

Setting your mower cutting height a little higher will help the soil beneath the grass to stay more moist. This will help to keep your lawn green during a dry spell.

Don’t water an established lawn. If it goes brown during a drought, it will soon recover when the rain returns.


7. Mulch bare soil

Bark chips make a great mulch. Apply a layer at least 5cm deep to give the best results. Apply when the soil is moist.

Using landscape fabric will help to keep weeds at bay.