Where the wood in our products comes from

B&Q has full Chain of Custody with FSC® and PEFC.

B&Q has full Chain of Custody with FSC® and PEFC. Look out for our chain of custody number on the till receipt.

It is the only way we at B&Q can assure our customers that our products can be bought with full confidence that they have not contributed to deforestation.

Take this 6 panel interior door, manufactured in Penrith in Cumbria. It has 4 sources for its components, all of which are FSC® certified.

  • Core: made from recycled paper fibre, FSC® certified

  • Outer: MDF from Latvian birch, FSC® certified

  • Lock block: chipboard from British pine and spruce, FSC® certified

  • Rail and stile: Swedish spruce, FSC® certified

B&Q, the door manufacturer and every mill and forest involved in its production has a chain-of-custody number registered with the Forest Stewardship Council®. These numbers enable FSC® to audit each component at every stage to ensure that it has been sourced responsibly.

This includes carefully selecting trees for harvesting and helping the forest to regenerate. A well-managed forest has high levels of biodiversity and continues to capture carbon, helping to counteract climate change.