Neva fencing & screening

Neva brings an exciting new style to garden fencing, giving you the chance to get creative. Its innovative design makes it easy to build and offers so many fencing and screening options. Combine different elements and materials for a truly unique look.

    • Mix and match panels and posts for bespoke combinations
    • Low maintenance and strong durable material
    • Unique decorative designs for your garden
    • Easy to assemble due to the grooves and slats

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Because our Neva fencing is modular, you can create lots of different styles to suit your garden.
Here's a few ideas to get you started.

  • Example project A

    Divide driveway and garden areas

  • Example project B

    Make a beautiful garden perimeter

  • Example project B

    Create a privacy screen

Neva 3 step process

Neva 3 step process

Ideas & Advice