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Towards sustainable transport at B&Q


2023 target: 50% reduction in absolute emissions from business travel and domestic haulage compared to 2006 baseline. So far, we have already achieved a 30% reduction.

At B&Q, are committed to reducing our carbon footprint and in doing so, finding more efficient ways to operate. In transport, we have introduced double-decker trucks that carry 35% more volume, making our distribution more efficient. Better journey planning, speed restrictions and driver training have all helped to cut emissions. We have also been trialling rail.

At home, we could use our cars a little less and walk, cycle or use public transport a little more.

Did you know that we use biomethane from landfill sites to power some of our trucks?

In 2012, at B&Q we Introduced 50 dual-fuel trucks, running on 60% landfill derived biomethane and LNG, cutting emissions by 11%.