Towards sustainable water usage at B&Q


So far, we’ve achieved a 4% reduction in water use per m2 (against 2007 baseline).

We use rainwater to flush toilets and to water plants in our newest stores. Our Easy Grow bedding plants have a tray that’s been designed to prevent damage from overwatering.

At home, taking a more sustainable approach to water can include collecting rainwater, switching from sprinklers to a watering can to target the plant’s roots and simply not leaving taps running.

It’s also about protecting our homes from too much water. Reduce the risk of surface water flooding by choosing lawns and porous surfaces over concrete and paving. If you live in an area prone to flooding, be prepared and plan to protect your home.

How to fix a dripping tap

Drips can waste a surprising amount of water

Did you know that we now use more water showering than we do flushing?

Toilets have been getting more efficient, flushing effectively with much less water than previously. But many power showers use more water per minute than flushing the toilet twice! The Energy Saving Trust have found that showering is now the biggest single use of water in the home. Water efficient showers make clever use of aeration so that your shower is as effective and still feels great but use much less water.

Source: Energy Saving Trust 2013. Based on a power shower using 13L/minute compared to a toilet with average flush of 4.5L.